Tuesday, August 2, 2011

AuSES (Sydney) talk

In case it will be of interest to any Sydney-based readers of this blog, I’ll mention that I will soon present a talk to the Sydney branch of the Australian Solar Energy Society.  This will be on Tuesday, 23 August 2001, and the title and abstract are given below.  I’ll be discussing issues I have blogged about on this site this year.

Note added (5 August 2011):  I'll post a copy of my talk on www.sunoba.com.au on 24 August 2011.

Comparison of Levelised Electricity Costs for Large-Scale Solar Projects

Since 2004, the speaker has worked on a new heat engine for power generation from solar heat collected passively under a transparent insulated canopy.  Prospective investors always ask the same questions - what is the principle of this engine, does it work, what is the output, how much will it cost?

This led to study of the methodology for calculating the Levelised Electricity Cost for solar power generation.  As part of that study, 16 large-scale solar projects around the world have been investigated and a database assembled for their output and cost metrics. After briefly describing the new heat engine and thereby motivating the study, these cost comparisons will be presented.

The meeting will be at the University of Technology, Sydney, Room 02.04.23.  Enter main building, move left beyond the escalators into Building 02 (already Level 4) and follow the signs to Room 23.  Tea and coffee is available from 6.00 pm; there is usually a "Future Directions" speaker for 10 minutes at 6.30 pm, followed by the main talk for the evening.

Should you wish to attend, visitors are welcome but it would best to check with the Secretary (Robert Sutton, robsutton@eftel.net.au) that space is available.

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